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Nolte Serves Pneumatic Market with Effective Solutions

Nolte Precise is providing pneumatics companies with a host of benefits in fulfilling their precision manufacturing needs. Nolte partners are improving operations through the guidance of our experienced and highly capable manufacturing team.

Pneumatic technology offers many advantages including safety, reliability, low maintenance, and design simplicity. The dependable performance of pneumatic systems relies greatly on precision components. We provide our pneumatic manufacturing customers with close tolerance precision machined parts developed using the most up-to-date equipment and technology. As a proven leader in precision machining, we offer our customers the advantages of reduced cost, time, and labor through our extensive machining expertise and total project support. Continue reading

Nolte Precise Answers Precision Machining Needs for Aerospace

The US aerospace and defense market includes a complex network of contractors, manufacturers, and suppliers, most of which are small to mid-sized companies that maintain both military and commercial products. This network delivers technologically advanced equipment, products, and assemblies, including those that make our military the most effective and best equipped in the world.

Aerospace industry manufacturers are challenged to provide the best products at the lowest cost while facing changing regulatory requirements and fiscal restraints. As an experienced and capable precision machining supplier, Nolte Precise has been answering the aerospace industry’s need for precision machined parts and assembled components. In addition to offering aerospace manufacturers the benefit of our AS9100 certification, we provide excellent customer support and on-time delivery. Continue reading

Outsourcing Provides Solutions for Industrial Equipment / OEM Markets

Industrial equipment manufacturers are experiencing a wide range of benefits by working with Nolte Precise for their precision manufacturing needs. In addition to lowering the cost of doing business, these businesses have improved operations through the advisement of an experienced and highly capable manufacturing partner.

We offer industrial equipment manufacturers the newest equipment technology, comprehensive project support, and extensive machining expertise. Components quality is always assured with our close tolerance precision machined parts. Through our proven precision machining track record, we are able to offer industrial equipment and OEM manufacturers the advantages of reduced cost, time, and labor. Continue reading

Precision Machined Parts: How to Promote Continuous Improvement

Increasing efficiency and reducing waste are essential elements in making a business more profitable. Every aspect of the operation typically provides some opportunity for optimization. As a manufacturer, your precision machined parts process likely offers multiple opportunities for continuous improvement.

Three areas that offer opportunity for ongoing improvement with the manufacture of precision machined parts include simplifying processes, improving organization, and reducing errors. Let’s take a closer look at each of these areas:

Streamline Manufacturing Processes

Reducing waste and increasing efficiency begins with stream lining your manufacturing processes. The potential for wasted time and resources increases exponentially when processes are not scrutinized on a regular basis. While it is easy to fall into the trap of letting your work flow proceed if there are no immediate problems, the rewards for taking a critical view and implementing continuous improvements are usually immediate and measurable in terms of reduced material loss and higher productivity. Continue reading

Retiring Baby Boomers and the Manufacturing Workforce

The United States and our economy were both built on skilled labor – manufacturing and construction jobs. Today our economy continues to be driven by skilled labor jobs, but there is a looming threat to this foundation. A generation of baby boomers, approximately 25% of the U.S. population, is soon to be fully retired, and the positions they will be vacating are skilled trade jobs. A shift away from labor intensive jobs among newer generations means that there will not be enough qualified individuals in the upcoming workforce to fill these positions. The skills gap, as it is termed, presents a problem for everyone in its implications. Continue reading

Would You Recommend Your Supplier?

Deciding whether or not to recommend your supplier can be a tough decision for a number of reasons. Will the supplier perform as well for my colleague as they did for me? Will sending new business my supplier’s way detract from their capacity to serve my needs?

Then there is the question of how well you know your supplier, and what can be expected of them for the long term. Perhaps they performed well on the first order, but how will they respond when things go wrong? Have they been just as attentive on your recent orders as they were on the initial one?  What if there is an unexpected disruption or delay – will they give you a heads-up, or will you have to call to find out what’s going on? Continue reading

Meeting A New Generation of Manufacturing Challenges

Today’s manufacturers are challenged by a marketplace that demands rapidly supplied products that are inexpensive, and tailored to meet specific needs. In order to stay profitable and competitive, businesses are seeking new customers in new markets, and often providing a wide range of product configurations and options to meet new consumer needs.

Another challenge is the trend toward smaller lot sizes and more frequent deliveries. Consumer-driven requirements such as these have led to an unprecedented degree of complexity in the production and distribution of products. Continue reading

Manufacturing Workforce Future Trends

A recent study done by the Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte predicts a serious shortage in skilled manufacturing talent available to fill job vacancies over the next decade. The study sites two significant contributing factors to the increasing skills gap – economic expansion and baby boomer retirement.

Along with retirement and economic expansion, other contributing factors to the shortage of skilled labor includes loss of trained expertise in the pool of new work force talent. An unattractive perception of the manufacturing industry among younger generations and a gradual decline of technical education programs in public high schools have contributed to a deficit of new talent. The study also sites a lack of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) skills among upcoming workforce participants. Continue reading

Nolte Welcomes Swiss-style Machining Specialist

Swiss-style MachiningIn order to provide the most comprehensive machining services for our customers, Nolte continually invests in expanding our capabilities and expertise. Recently, we welcomed a new team member who will enhance our proficiency in the area of Swiss-style machining.

Swiss-style machining has traditionally been an area highly utilized by the medical and electronics industries. Recently, the demand for Swiss-type machining has become more widespread, across a variety of markets. CNC Swiss-type machining provides an efficient and effective way to produce small components requiring an extreme level of precision detail with the highest degree of repeatability. Continue reading