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Today more than ever, true collaborative partnerships are required for successful supply chain performance. Nolte is strategically aligning itself to understand, solve, and deliver supply chain risk and cost reductions.

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Supply Chain Risks

Supply chain managers today are increasingly concerned about supply chain risks. As supply chains become increasingly global and interconnected, they are more vulnerable to disruptions, due to more points for failure and less margin for error. The cost of supply chain disruptions can lead to lower profit, decreased sales, delayed shipments, lost customers and even damaged reputations.

In surveys of supply chain executives, the most frequent experiences of supply chain risks involve sudden demand change (i.e. the inability to manage sharp increases or decreases in demand), margin erosion (i.e. cost increases, lost revenue, taxes and regulation), physical product flow disruptions, product quality failure, and social responsibility failure.

These risks and experiences are no doubt affected by the ongoing challenges of growing customer expectations, short product cycles, compressed new product launch objectives, and emerging competitive challenges.

Not to be overlooked, supply chain personnel must be aware of the supply chain risks associated with industry skill gaps and the aging population.

Supply Chain Risk Reduction

Nolte Precise is a custom precision manufacturing company positioned to reduce these risks to your organization. We understand and implement effective strategies for reducing these risks by:

  • Building stronger collaborative relationships
  • Developing contingency plans
  • Responding to rapid and drastic demand requirements
  • Creating a flexible and skilled workforce
  • Enacting policies, monitoring capabilities, and controls
  • Engaging with our country's policy makers

A trusting and collaborative relationship is the means to the end of reducing supply chain risk. Exceptional delivery and quality are not a differentiating factor, but rather an expectation of doing business. Our partnership in productivity objective with our customers is to collaborate, integrate, and communicate in a manner that reveals risks, to result in action and measurable overall supply chain cost reductions. We are an extension of customers' team working on the same goal - to make their products and services market leaders.

Nolte Precise's investment in machine tools, processes, people, training the next machining generation, and unique customer relationships results in a winning strategic partnership.

Our company is 100 years old, but our people and process are youthful and energized to deliver on the strategic necessities for success in today's business environment.

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