CNC Horizontal Milling

Nolte Meets Your Horizontal Milling Needs

Horizontal Milling Machines and Vertical machines rough, cut or drill different solid materials, usually metal. This shaping happens through chip removal utilizing the high-speed rotation of the milling cutter and the movement of the shafts.

The horizontal milling machine stands apart in its use of cylindrical milling cutters mounted on a horizontal shaft driven by the machine head. This shaft is supported at the head and at the other end on a bearing on the sliding bridge.

CNC Horizontal milling machines have horizontally oriented tooling, with rotating cutters that can precisely shape the material in great detail, working on up to five axes.

CNC milling machines are an essential part of high-precision machining

With Horizontal CNC milling, it has been possible to create new milling options and increase the quality of each operation performed.

Part manufacturers use horizontal CNC milling machines to create precision components. When it comes to horizontal CNC milling machines, there are some key advantages to CNC horizontal milling.

1. Manufacturing Precision

4- and 5-axis horizontal milling machines use differently-angled spindles simultaneously, creating complex parts in fewer cycles.

2. Manufacturing Speed

With more efficient feeding and simultaneous cutting on multiple axes, parts manufacturing is faster on horizontal milling machines. CNC machines were created for rapid production in large volumes with little interruption. Horizontal CNC mills operate at a much higher production rate and create higher-quality parts. They’re ideal for industries that require precision parts made from heavy materials, requiring machining on many sides.

How does a horizontal milling machine stand apart?

Horizontal machining is particularly effective for heavy parts and those that need work on multiple sides.

CNC horizontal milling is especially valuable for producing large parts that demand sizable floor space, such as aircraft and aerospace parts and components.

CNC horizontal milling is also an excellent choice for projects in these industries:

  • Industrial equipment manufacturing
  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Medical equipment manufacturing
  • Automotive parts manufacturing
  • Motion control systems manufacturing
  • Pneumatic systems and components manufacturing
  • Hydraulic systems and components manufacturing
  • Aerospace components manufacturing
  • Defense systems components manufacturing
  • Firearm components manufacturing
CNC Horizontal Milling Examples


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Advantages You Enjoy with Nolte

  • Experienced Precision Machining Expertise
  • Just In Time Delivery of Parts
  • Flexible Order Volume for Changing Markets
  • Expert Cost Assessment
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  • Light Assembly Services

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Supplying your made-to-spec components on time is just the beginning of what we do. As your precision machining partner, our goal is to meet and surpass your expectations by helping you realize process improvements that optimize efficiency and reduce costs. Through flexibility and responsive solutions, we are committed to meeting your current and future CNC milled parts needs. You can rely on Nolte and trust our team to be an extension of your team – ready, capable, and dedicated to your success.

Dependable Quality and Consistency

Through the use of industry-leading CAD/CAM software, we verify machining processes prior to launch on the production floor. Our CNC milling equipment delivers quick, consistent, and programmable control, for a part that is easily manufactured with the highest degree of quality and consistency. Contact us for an appointment to begin the Nolte Precise Process and discover a total cost solution to your parts fulfillment needs.