CNC Lathe Turning

Equipped to Meet Your CNC Lathe Turning Needs

Our CNC lathes optimally machine diameters from 1/8″ to 12″ and lengths from 1/8″ to 20″, and exceptional bar capacity allows automated manufacturing up to 3.125″ diameter. We match the right equipment to the level of component sophistication to achieve the greatest throughput for lathe turned parts, whether that is achieved by optimizing setup times or optimizing cycle times, by utilizing CNC Lathes ranging from 2-axis turning centers to highly sophisticated 7-& 8-axis turn/mills.

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Advantages You Enjoy with Nolte

  • Experienced Precision Machining Expertise
  • Just In Time Delivery of Parts
  • ISO 9001 Certification
  • AS9100 Certification
  • Flexible Order Volume for Changing Markets
  • Expert Cost Assessment
  • Volume Material Purchasing
  • Light Assembly Services

Higher Efficiency – Lower Total Costs

Unattended machining capabilities mean increased throughput and efficiency. We achieve this ability through use of integrated material handling bar feeders, integrated chip conveyors, automated main and sub-spindle transfer systems, part eject confirmation, programmable part catchers, tool life monitoring systems, and high pressure coolant systems.

Dependable Quality and Consistency

Using industry leading CAD/CAM software allows us to verify machining processes prior to launch on the production floor. Nolte’s CNC Turning technology delivers rapid, consistent and programmable control, for a design that is easily manufactured with the highest levels of quality and consistency for your lathe turned parts.

Contact us for an appointment to begin the Nolte Precise Process and discover a total cost solution to your parts fulfillment needs.

About CNC Turning

In the process of CNC turning, parts are developed by the precision cutting of rod material as it turns. A variety of cutting tool shapes can be used in CNC turning. The cutting tool is fed into the rotating material at a range of angles, allowing a high degree of flexibility in configurations.

CNC turning offers a cost efficient way to make precision cnc turned parts that are commonly symmetrical relative to an axis of revolution. Using CNC turning, shapes can be created in a wide array of profiles including plain, contour, and radius. Threaded surfaces can also be cut.