Precision Manufacturing Case Studies

Below is a sampling of recent projects that were very successful for Nolte Precise. The part that Nolte produced for each project can be found to the right.

“Nolte Engineering Review Reveals Savings and Improvement for Military”
Multinational Defense Contractor »
In need of a way to reduce total cost, a multinational defense contractor enlisted Nolte’s expertise through their experienced engineering reviews. Since the safety of our troops was a priority that could not be compromised, the re-engineered solution had to deliver on both fronts. See how Nolte stepped up and met the challenge!

“Flexibility is a must for firearms manufacturing partner”
Firearms Manufacturer in Anytown, USA »
Due to changing market demands, the firearm OEM requested an immediate change to the manufacturing build plan. The firearm OEM notified Nolte on a Thursday afternoon they wanted to change their build schedule to an alternative version of the firearm bolt starting on Monday morning. See how Nolte shot into action!

“Customer attained their launch objective”
Aluminum Adapter Plate for Hydraulic Manufacturer in Minneapolis, MN »
Under a tight deadline, our customer had a new product launch requiring a bill of material with a short lead time – few days. We reviewed their need and understood their process. We provided an expedited solution across production, including planning, material procurement and manufacturing scheduling. Nolte delivered within the time constraints and our customer attained their launch objective, met market demand and expanded their competitive advantage.

“Customer realizes cost savings in assembly line efficiency”
Aluminum Bushing for Automotive Manufacturer in Hebron, KY »
Production of this suspension system component for a vehicle is 1.5 million parts per year. Any defect or variance in the internal dimension of the part can cause delays in the customer’s assembly process. By implementing an automated inspection process, we were able to employ auto gaging to sort 100 percent of the final machined parts and deliver only 100 percent defect-free parts to the customer. Our customer realizes cost savings in assembly line efficiency.

“We were able to reduce set-up time and improve efficiency”
Electrical Connectors for Aerospace Manufacturer in Reading, OH »
Our customer had multiple, similar parts being machined and needed reliable, responsive, and short lead times. We identified efficiencies in two areas. By standardizing a work station and running several different parts as a family, we were able to reduce set-up time and improve efficiency. Using their demand forecast to plan our production schedule, we have been able to anticipate their needs moving forward. Our customer is able to have flexible delivery schedules, improved inventory turns, and reliable lead times.

“Eliminated the need for the honing operation”
Aluminum End Caps for Hydraulic Manufacturer in Minneapolis, MN »
When the aluminum end caps our customer produced were made to print, the surface finish was rough following anodizing. They had to perform a secondary honing operation to improve the surface prior to assembly. To enhance efficiency, we guided the customer through our analysis process. With changes to the manufacturing print requirements, an improved post-anodizing surface finish was achieved. This adjustment eliminated the need for the honing operation and delivered a part meeting the finished assembly requirements. This resulted in an annual $50,000 net decrease in the expenses associated with this component.

“Customer realized significant financial savings”
Stainless Steel Handle for the Medical Industry in Hicksville, OH »
Our customer experienced an increase in demand for a stainless steel handle component they produce. As a result, they were looking for a new machining solution. The original part was sourced as a two-piece weldment. Through the Nolte Precise Process, we conducted a process review and created a one-piece machining solution, thereby simplifying production and reducing costs. Our customer realized a significant financial savings in the manufacture of the part and in the administrative burden of managing a two-part sub-assembly.

“U.S. troops in combat were properly equipped”
Gunner Mount for Defense Manufacturer in Fairfield, OH »
Peacetime manufacturing of this critical military component was 40 pieces per month. In response to increased demand, the manufacturer required an increase to 2,400 pieces per month with no decline in part quality, durability or reliability. Nolte Precise dedicated a team to the project and created a cellular manufacturing process. A reduction was achieved in the necessary production time of the part, from once every 30 minutes to once every 8 minutes. Demand was met, and, ultimately, U.S. troops in combat were properly equipped.

“Our customer now tracks one part instead of four”
Pneumatic Nail Driver Assembly for Industrial Tooling Manufacturer in Cincinnati, OH »
Our customer had four parts machined by four different vendors. Scheduling receiving and assembly of those four parts was causing delays in turning inventory of the finished product. Nolte Precise Manufacturing proposed a sub-assembly solution. The result was reduced lead time, better inventory turns and lower management costs associated with scheduling the manufacture, receiving and assembly of these four parts. Our customer now tracks one part instead of four, and parts are released as needed within 24 hours.

“Part performance was found to significantly surpass that of the previous design”
Weldnut Assembly for Defense Manufacturer
Through the Nolte Precision Process, we identified an alternative to the design of a particular component our customer produced. We developed samples of the new design and they were tested by our customer. The part performance was found to significantly surpass that of the previous design. Initially, Nolte was able to affect savings of 9% on this component through improved efficiencies and purchasing. With the component design changes we developed, the savings increased dramatically to 53%. Our customer’s estimated annual savings has been over $1 million annually.

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