Achieve Your Lean Manufacturing Objectives

Sub-assembly of components with just-in-time delivery allows your business to achieve lean manufacturing objectives, reducing labor and costs associated with inventory. Nolte is equipped to meet your sub-assembly needs and offers you the benefit of our extensive experience in developing highly efficient manufacturing solutions.

Some of the many sub-assembly operations we perform include:

  • General assembly of components
  • O-ring installation
  • Pressing bearings
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Loctite® Threaded parts
  • And more

Advantages You Enjoy with Nolte

  • Experienced Precision Machining Expertise
  • Just In Time Delivery of Parts
  • Flexible Order Volume for Changing Markets
  • Expert Cost Assessment
  • Volume Material Purchasing
  • Light Assembly Services

Your Partner for Higher Efficiency and Lower Total Costs

Providing more than machined components, Nolte partners with you to manufacture and procure the necessary sub-components you require for more complex sub-assemblies. We provide you with complete sub-assembly services, allowing you to reduce managed inventory items, decrease administrative and holding costs, and lower your total cost of ownership.

Streamline Your Operation & Processes

By partnering with Nolte for your sub-assembly needs, you will also be able to reduce your vendor base. Nolte will manage and procure the bill of materials, assemble the items and deliver them to you ready for final assembly. The end result is a reduction of your total cost through reduced inventory, labor, transportation, and overhead expenses.

Contact us for an appointment to begin the Nolte Precise Process and discover a total cost solution to your parts fulfillment needs.