Retiring Baby Boomers and the Manufacturing Workforce

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The United States and our economy were both built on skilled labor – manufacturing and construction jobs. Today our economy continues to be driven by skilled labor jobs, but there is a looming threat to this foundation. A generation of baby boomers, approximately 25% of the U.S. population, is soon to be fully retired, and… Read more »

Would You Recommend Your Supplier?

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Deciding whether or not to recommend your supplier can be a tough decision for a number of reasons. Will the supplier perform as well for my colleague as they did for me? Will sending new business my supplier’s way detract from their capacity to serve my needs? Then there is the question of how well… Read more »

Meeting A New Generation of Manufacturing Challenges

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Today’s manufacturers are challenged by a marketplace that demands rapidly supplied products that are inexpensive, and tailored to meet specific needs. In order to stay profitable and competitive, businesses are seeking new customers in new markets, and often providing a wide range of product configurations and options to meet new consumer needs. Another challenge is… Read more »

Manufacturing Workforce Future Trends

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A recent study done by the Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte predicts a serious shortage in skilled manufacturing talent available to fill job vacancies over the next decade. The study sites two significant contributing factors to the increasing skills gap – economic expansion and baby boomer retirement. Along with retirement and economic expansion, other contributing factors… Read more »