CNC Swiss-style machining stylized with brush strokes

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Swiss-style MachiningIn order to provide the most comprehensive machining services for our customers, Nolte continually invests in expanding our capabilities and expertise. Recently, we welcomed a new team member who will enhance our proficiency in the area of Swiss-style machining.

About Swiss-Style Machining

Swiss-style machining has traditionally been an area highly utilized by the medical and electronics industries. Recently, the demand for Swiss-type machining has become more widespread, across a variety of markets. CNC Swiss-type machining provides an efficient and effective way to produce small components requiring an extreme level of precision detail with the highest degree of repeatability.

Nolte is proud to welcome Phillip Judt as our Swiss Manufacturing Engineer and specialist in Swiss-type machining. Phillip has been a CNC machining specialist for 20 years, completing a Tool & Die Makers apprenticeship and receiving certification as a Journeyman Machinist. Having worked extensively in both production and job-shop environments, he has served as an engineer and CNC specialist. His strengths lie in manufacturing and process improvement – especially in CNC machining environments.

Focused on Swiss-style machining for 10 years, Phillip concentrated 8 of those years to specialization in Swiss-turn. In his role as a sales and applications engineer for a Swiss machinery dealer, he performed maintenance, completed installations, and provided application training on a regular basis. This experience included the engineering of many turnkey projects.

Possessing an excellent understanding of CN machining, from casting to programming, Phillip has worked with a wide variety of materials. His experience includes work in many fields including: medical, pneumatics, hydraulics, natural gas/propane/fluid power, solar, aerospace, tool & die, and mold making. We are excited to welcome Phillip and his vast experience to our Nolte Precise engineering team.