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When you choose to partner with a manufacturing supplier, you are essentially trusting that company to take control of a portion of your business. The supplier’s reliability, efficiency, and ability to deliver on time are all factors that could potentially help or harm your profitability. In addition to production concerns, and perhaps the most critical concern, is quality. In one way or another, you will ultimately be selling that supplier’s work as a part of your OEM product. That means your reputation depends on their reputation.

Quality Certification

To be assured of quality in the components you sub-contract, it is important to partner with a supplier that offers you verifiable quality in the form of quality certification. Certification provides independent qualification and assures businesses that suppliers are meeting verifiable standards. Certification is so critical that in many industries, manufacturers will only do business with certified suppliers because it confirms that the suppliers are working to accepted standards and procedures.

ISO standards are established by the International Organization for Standardization, a Geneva, Switzerland-based independent body, recognized throughout the world. ISO develops voluntary quality standards that companies follow. ISO certifications demonstrate that suppliers have met stringent standards and that the management systems of the suppliers are constantly assessed and improved.

Nolte is dedicated to understanding customer requirements and maintaining a program of quality assurance with a commitment to continually maintaining and improving the effectiveness of our processes and management systems. We are fully dedicated to meeting those requirements with defect-free products on time.

  • ISO9001– Nolte is certified in this set of standards that helps companies to achieve cost-efficiency and quality assurance.
  • AS9100 Certificate– We have earned certification in the quality management system standards applicable to the aerospace and defense industry suppliers, and we are invested in growing aerospace business.
  • ISO13485– Our team has begun the process of updating to include Medical Certification.

In addition to assuring quality through certifications, we are committed to on-going investment in quality equipment as well as continuous improvement in our own quality system. Contact us to discuss your project.