cnc precision machined components for the firearm industry


Nolte Precise manufactures cnc precision machined components for the firearm industry. Several of these components represent a family of parts and similar versions of the same parts.

In this particular case study, Nolte Precise manufactures several firearm bolts within a dedicated cnc machining cell for a firearm OEM. Nolte manufactures and manages safety stock for these components based on an MRP system and customer forecasts.


Due to changing market demands, the firearm OEM requested an immediate change to the manufacturing build plan. The firearm OEM notified Nolte on a Thursday afternoon they wanted to change their build schedule to an alternative version of the firearm bolt starting on Monday morning. This change in the plan presented several obstacles:

  • Component parts needed to be at the customer dock Monday morning to achieve customer production plans
  • Demand changes previously took all customer and Nolte safety stock of this bolt version
  • The manufacturing cell needed to be changed over to this bolt version
  • Three production shifts were required to meet the requested quantity
  • Validated product needed to be shipped Sunday
  • The customer’s manufacturing plant is located in another geographical region

Opportunities to Serve

As a fully integrated supply chain partner, Nolte’s team took action to execute the following plan:

  • Change over the cell and validate product on Thursday’s second shift
  • Staff and support the cell to operate during the weekend shifts
  • Validate production and prepare the shipment by 7PM Sunday
  • Drop ship by Nolte team member


  • The production and engineering team efficiently changed the cell over on short notice
  • The quality team validated the changeover and production
  • The production control team finished the parts and prepared the shipment
  • The required quantity arrived at the customer’s location in advance of the time needed
  • The customer met their build schedule and demand change


Rapid demand changes are a natural part of the global economy. Having a supply chain partner to help reduce supply chain risks and maintain a constant, flexible, and reliable supply is critical. Our client’s supply chain challenges are ours too, we take those challenges seriously at Nolte Precise. We want to earn your business, not just be a supplier. Our desire is to be your supply chain solutions partner.