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Defense manufacturers are looking toward outsourcing their precision machining needs to develop quality products efficiently and cost-effectively.Superior equipment and technology are essential in the U.S. defense industry. Defense manufacturers must produce dependable, high-performance equipment while keeping costs down. Increasingly defense manufacturers are looking toward outsourcing their precision machining needs in order to develop quality products efficiently and cost-effectively.

The team at Nolte serves many defense industry clients by producing the precision machined parts and assemblies they require. We offer our clients unsurpassed customer service and on-time delivery as well as the advantages of the latest technology, project support, and machining expertise to deliver close tolerance precision machined parts.

Our precision machining experience has allowed defense manufacturers to reduce cost, save time, and minimize labor. Nolte’s defense industry project experience includes: ammunition, armored vehicles, and fuses. Our recent and ongoing defense industry projects are happening in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, Minnesota, Kentucky, and Wisconsin.

One of our recent defense industry projects involved a multinational defense contractor using a weldment assembly to attach armor plating to military vehicles. The performance of this assembly was critical in the installation of the armor plate and assuring the safety of our troops in theater. The manufacturer needed to reduce costs without compromising the quality and reliability of the assemblies. Our engineering team was able to analyze the process and identify multiple opportunities for improvement. The result was not only a significant cost savings, but also improved performance. Read more about this defense industry success story.

The Nolte team welcomes the opportunity to meet more defense industry challenges. Contact us to discuss your precision machined parts and assembled component needs.