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Developers of medical equipment have discovered a variety of advantages by entrusting their precision manufacturing needs to Nolte Precise.  Working with an experienced and highly capable manufacturing partner has allowed them to not only improve product quality, but also lower their cost of doing business and improve their operations through expert insights.

Offering the newest equipment technology, comprehensive project support, and extensive machining expertise, Nolte helps medical device and equipment manufacturers expand their capabilities. Our proven precision machining track record means parts quality is always assured on close tolerance precision machined parts and component assemblies. We provide medical equipment manufacturers with effective ways to cut cost, reduce turnaround time, and reduce labor expense.

Medical Equipment Industry: Precision Machined Parts and Assembled Components Nolte’s precision machining experience has given medical equipment manufacturers the advantages of improved quality and productivity for a wide range of medical products. Our project list includes: components and assemblies for applications such as medical equipment, surgical instruments, patient and environmental temperature control systems, hospital beds, and more.

One of Nolte’s medical equipment manufacturer success stories involved a customer who saw a significant increase in the demand for a particular stainless steel handle component. To supply the expanded need, the manufacturer was in search of a new machining solution. Initially this component was being sourced as a two-piece weldment. Review and analysis done by the Nolte Precise team led to the development of a one-piece machining solution, which simplified the production process and lowered costs. The medical manufacturer realized significant financial savings in the manufacture of the part and eliminated the complication of managing the production of a two-part sub-assembly.