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Manufacturers in the automotive industry are under pressure to improve production efficiencies and reduce costs without sacrificing product quality. Outsourcing the production of precision machined parts and assemblies can provide an effective way for automotive manufacturers to achieve these goals if they partner with a qualified and dependable supplier for precision machining.

Nolte Precise provides quality precision machined parts and assembled component solutions for automotive industry manufacturers, along with the advantages of unsurpassed customer service and dependable on-time delivery. Nolte customers in every industry, including the automotive industry, benefit from the latest technologies and extensive precision machining experience and expertise.

Automotive Industry: Precision Machined Parts and Assembled ComponentsAutomotive industry manufacturers rely on the Nolte team’s machining experience with close tolerance precision machined parts. These capabilities have provided the advantages of reduced cost, time, and labor in making components such as bushings and poppets for ongoing automotive projects in Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana.

A current automotive industry-related success story demonstrates how Nolte helped an Ohio tooling manufacturer realize significant cost savings in the manufacture of automotive parts. Production need for a vehicle suspension system component was at 1.5 million parts per year. Any defect or variance in the internal dimension of the part could cause delays in the assembly process. Nolte helped the customer implement an automated inspection process which employed auto gaging to sort 100 percent of the final machined part. In addition to cost savings, the customer received only 100 percent defect-free parts.

Nolte Precise welcomes the opportunity to meet a wide range of automotive challenges involving precision machined parts and assembled component needs. Contact us for an appointment to begin the Nolte Precise Process and discover a total cost solution to your automotive parts fulfillment requirements.