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BM320_Benchtop_Marking_SystemAs part of our ongoing investment in the newest and most advanced equipment technologies, Nolte Precise has invested in a Telesis BenchMark®320 Benchtop Dot Peen (Stylus) Marking System.

The BenchMark®320 offers a generous 4″ x 6″ (100mm x 150mm) marking window large enough to meet the requirements of almost any application. The system’s unique marking arm design is extremely convenient for parts loading and unloading as well as marking pattern design. The system is self-contained with compact controller and rugged extruded aluminum mounting post and base.

The BenchMark® 320 is fully programmable and provides high quality, permanent marking on a wide range of materials, from soft plastic to hardened steel. The BenchMark® 320 has made traditional permanent marking methods, such as hand stamping, impact marking and vibrating pin marking, virtually obsolete. This flexible system is especially valuable where many different part styles must be marked, or character string, character size or font style change frequently.

We anticipate that this system will be particularly valuable in serving our customers in the aerospace industry. Part identification, traceability, and/or serialization is extremely important in the fabrication of aerospace machined parts.

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