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The term FOD refers to a topic that is a significant concern in many manufacturing sectors, including aerospace parts machining. Depending on the context, the acronym can refer to Foreign Object Debris, Foreign Object Damage, as well as Foreign Object Detection. The National Aerospace FOD Prevention Inc. (NAFPI), offers the following definitions:

Foreign Object Debris (FOD) is a substance, debris or article alien to a vehicle or system which would potentially cause damage.

Foreign Object Damage (also abbreviated FOD) is any damage attributed to a foreign object (i.e. any object that is not part of the vehicle) that can be expressed in physical or economic terms and may or may not degrade the product’s required safety or performance characteristics.

FOD related issues are a critical concern for aerospace parts machining, as well as other manufacturers and their customers producing critical human safety related products and components. The fact that today’s precision machined parts are made from more challenging materials in complex geometries makes foreign object debris more of an issue. Along with Aerospace, manufacturers serving industries such as Medical, Automotive, and Defense require foreign object detection systems to assure component quality.

Nolte Quality Systems & FOD in Precision Machined Parts

Nolte is a precision machined parts supplier dedicated to understanding customer requirements and maintaining a strict program of quality assurance, including FOD procedures. Our team improves and maintains our effectiveness through our management system, and meeting all requirements with defect free products that are delivered on time.

In serving the Aerospace industry and aerospace parts machining needs, Nolte maintains a AS9100/AS9100D certified quality management system. AS9100 registration offers assurance that our products meet standards for quality, conformity, safety, and reliability.

Nolte adheres to the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP), which allows producers to evaluate the components from suppliers and establish confidence in the supplier’s manufacturing process.

Nolte provides our critical component clients with the latest technology, project support, and machining expertise to deliver close tolerance precision machined parts. Our process focuses on quality control, from purchase orders through delivery. We maintain strict policies and procedures for cleanliness, documentation, inspection, and more.

Contact us to discuss your precision machined parts needs. Nolte is committed to delivering a quality controlled, total cost solution that meets your component and assembly needs.