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To a large degree, the success Nolte Precise has achieved is due to our ongoing investments in the newest and most advanced equipment technologies. As our precision machining equipment list continues to grow, we have been able to serve more customers in a wide range of industries with high quality machined parts. Our wide range of machines represent the best in precision machining technology.

Tsugami B0206-III Swiss Turning CenterMost recently, Nolte Precise has invested in an additional Tsugami B0206-III Swiss Turning Center, making this the third such system in the past 12 months.

Part of the B0 series of Swiss Type Lathes, the B0206-III Tsugami system is designed to expand both capability and capacity, and is backed by extensive Tsugami testing and research.

Tsugami technology has increased our production capacity and expanded our ability to meet customer demand with unsurpassed quality parts and on-time delivery.


Puma_TT2500SYAnother new installation is our Puma TT1800 series. The Puma 1800 Series is a 65mm (2.6 inch) bar capacity high productivity horizontal turning center equipped with twin opposed spindles and upper / lower turrets.

The left and right spindles can process workpieces independently to achieve excellent productivity. The workpieces processed by the left and right spindles are discharged via an automatic system.

To learn more about our equipment, capability, and capacity, contact us! We look forward to serving your manufacturing needs.