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Lowering cost of machined parts

A key way to reduce costs and improve manufacturing profitability is to lower component costs.The precision machined parts required for your manufacturing processes could be modified, or the way in which they are made could be adapted to significantly reduce your cost of doing business.In fact, small modifications made to your part design can actually amount to tremendous savings over time.

In many cases, utilizing the most advanced CNC screw machining or CNC swiss machining technologies may not only lower parts costs, it can improve part quality.

Below are five questions to ask in looking for ways to lower the cost of machined parts

1. Could different materials be used

For some applications, the material you specify for your components is critical for its success. If specific materials or material performance characteristics are not required, you may be able to use a less expensive or more readily available material to substantially reduce the cost of your machined parts.

2. Are there unnecessary small features on the part?

Sometimes parts have small details that are not integral to the functioning of the part. Often times these can be reduced or eliminated altogether. The fewer unnecessary precision features your component has, the less expensive it will be, and the less production time it will require.

3. Can machining time be reduced?

Decreasing machining time is another way in which costs can be considerably reduced. Certain design changes can be made to decrease required machining, without impacting the functioning of the part. In many cases,looser tolerances may be permissible, or hole depths may not need to be as deep.

New and better equipment can also mean reduced machining time.For example, advanced CNC Swiss equipment allows for the manufacture of tight tolerance components with difficult geometric designs in one operation and length to diameter ratios.

4. Are we using the right machine for our part design?

In some cases, “the way it has always been done” is more expensive then it needs to be. Changing machines can significantly reduce part cost. Using a CNC machine that is not suited to your part design could result in significant, unnecessary costs. Today’s machining technology now offers a wider range of precision machining equipment designed for specific operations. The right CNC screw machining equipment will efficiently produce custom precision machined components to your specifications.

5. Could we outsource this part more efficiently?

Is in-house parts manufacturing consuming too much of your company’s time, energy, and resources?The cost of owning a machine is substantial, especially when you factor in maintenance and repair expenses. Outsourcing your precision machining to the right partner will allow you to benefit from the latest technology. You will also have the confidence of knowing that your parts machining is done by dedicated specialists.

As a fully equipped, capable, and experienced supplier of precision machined parts, Nolte Precise is here to serve you. We provide cost-saving solutions that add quality and value to your products and processes. Give us a call today to discuss ways we can help.