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Fluid power systems are used for effective power transmissions in a wide range of industrial and equipment applications. These systems include both hydraulic (liquid) and pneumatic (gas) designs. Hydraulics are most often used in processes that require heavy force, such as heavy load lifting and manipulation of high density/high strength materials such as rock or steel. Pneumatic systems are generally used for high-speed, redundant applications, including repetitive inline processes or pick and place operations. Electronic controls and sensors have been integrated into fluid power systems to make them faster, highly precise and efficient. This also enables them to be tied into process control systems.

Hydraulic / Fluid Power Industry: Precision Machined Parts and Assembled Components Precision made components are critical in the development of reliable fluid power systems. As an experienced and highly capable provider of precision machining services, Nolte Precise serves many fluid power industry manufacturers. In addition to supplying close tolerance precision machined parts, we offer our customers the benefit of experienced expertise, excellent customer service, and on-time delivery.

By investing in the latest technology, employee training, and industry certifications, Nolte is able to serve fluid power industry manufacturers as an extension of their own team. Our precision machining experience has given fluid power manufacturers the advantages of reduced cost, time, and labor. Our project list includes: components and assemblies for applications such as door assists, lift systems, as well as pistons, end caps, manifolds, shafts, and spools.

One of our recent manufacturer success stories involved a Minneapolis hydraulics manufacturer that needed an aluminum plate for a new product launch under a tight deadline. The Nolte team assessed their needs and evaluated their process. We were able to deliver a fast solution that included planning, material procurement and manufacturing scheduling. By meeting the requirements and time constraints, Nolte helped this hydraulic manufacturer attain their launch goal and increase their competitive advantage.