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Every manufacturer relies on quality parts and components to build the products they take to market. Industry-specific manufacturing standards, such as AS9100D  for aerospace machined parts, mean there are added critical requirements for parts as well as the processes used to make them. Counterfeit or inauthentic parts and components are becoming an increasing problem for a wide range of manufacturers who rely on critical components.

In most cases, counterfeit parts are recycled, rejected parts that have been modified to appear as though they are legitimate. Those engaged in parts counterfeiting most often target high-value parts like aerospace machined parts. In addition to the aerospace industry, counterfeiters prey on buyers of parts for the defense, automotive, electronics, and medical markets.

Manufacturers of original machined parts and components work to restrict their distribution to authorized resellers. These are resellers who have been thoroughly vetted and audited for rigorous quality control practices. Certified components such as aerospace machined parts can be traced through identifiers such as part numbers and date codes, and tracked through compliance documentation.

Industry standards organizations like the Aerospace Registrar Management Program have greatly improved the reliability of procurement practices. Unfortunately, variable conditions lead to unused parts and components in the supply chain, which are often sold on the open market and purchased by unauthorized resellers. Since those sellers are not authorized by an original component manufacturer (OCM), they do not adhere to established quality-control practices. While some non-authorized resellers strive to sell legitimate parts, deceptive sellers deal in counterfeits or mix counterfeit parts in with genuine components.

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