Small parts manufacturing (small threaded parts) with CNC Swiss Screw Machining

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CNC Swiss Turning / CNC Swiss Screw Machining Samples - Small Machine Parts

There are several reasons why Swiss screw machining is an excellent choice when manufacturing smaller parts. Producing small machined parts requires experienced machining as there are additional considerations to produce accurate pieces. CNC Swiss screw machining, also known as Swiss turning or Swiss-style machining, is a precision machining process particularly well-suited for producing small, intricate, and complex components. Below are key factors.

  1. High Precision: Swiss screw machines are known for their exceptional precision and accuracy. The process allows for tight tolerances, making it suitable for producing small and intricate parts where precision is crucial. Tolerances achieved, depending on the metal and cutting geometries, can be as tight as ±.0005”. Discuss tolerances you need up front with your parts manufacturer.
  2. Reduced Setup Time: Swiss screw machines are designed for quick setup. This speed is advantageous for small component production as it helps reduce production lead times and costs associated with setup changes.
  3. Simultaneous Machining: Swiss screw machines are capable of performing multiple machining operations simultaneously. This multitasking capability increases efficiency and throughput, allowing for the production of small components with complex geometries in a single setup.
  4. Improved Tool Rigidity: The design of Swiss screw machines includes a guide bushing that provides excellent support and rigidity to the cutting tools. This support enhances the stability of the machining process, enabling the production of small components with high precision and repeatability. Tool rigidity also minimizes vibration and chatter for improved finishing. Applying guide bushings, collets, special fixtures and the right workholdings are key for maintaining part quality.
  5. Automatic Bar Feeding: Swiss screw machines are often equipped with automatic bar feeding systems. This feature allows for continuous production with minimal interruptions, making it well-suited for high-volume production of small components. Additionally, automatic feeding helps improve rigidity by allowing the appropriate feed rate for the part.
  6. Longer Tool Life: The design of Swiss screw machines, with their guide bushings and other features, contributes to longer tool life. This design feature is essential for maintaining consistent quality and reducing the frequency of tool changes, especially in producing small parts.

Swiss Screw Machining’s Usefulness in Small Machine Parts Manufacturing

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