Going Steady With Highly Engineered Machine Parts

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high technology metal working. Making complex metal parts with a CNC turning machine

Top 8 tips for designing complex metal parts When your social media status for your manufactured products is “It’s Complicated”, you know you need a parts manufacturer who can handle the multiple facets of machining complex metal parts. Engineering highly machined parts requires careful consideration of design, material selection, and manufacturability to ensure optimal performance… Read more »

How is CNC Swiss Machining useful in firearms parts manufacturing?

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A wall of firearms as illustration for firearms parts manufacturing article

Accuracy and precision are the cornerstones of a quality firearm. Reliability in a weapon is clear when a pistol or rifle fires true. Firearms must be dependable, durable, and accurate. When a weapon’s finished parts have defects, the entire firearm is defective and unreliable. Though precise machining is essential for any device, craftsmanship or lack… Read more »

CNC Swiss Screw Machining is Ideal for Small Parts Manufacturing

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Small parts manufacturing (small threaded parts) with CNC Swiss Screw Machining

There are several reasons why Swiss screw machining is an excellent choice when manufacturing smaller parts. Producing small machined parts requires experienced machining as there are additional considerations to produce accurate pieces. CNC Swiss screw machining, also known as Swiss turning or Swiss-style machining, is a precision machining process particularly well-suited for producing small, intricate,… Read more »

Deciding When It’s Best to Use Horizontal Milling

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Horizontal milling tool example

When is horizontal milling preferred over other forms of machining metal parts? Costs, time, size and materials all play a part in selecting horizontal milling as the primary machining process. Consider the following points before deciding on the best manufacturing process.   Multi-Axis Machining: Horizontal milling allows for multiple sides of a workpiece to be… Read more »

Keys to Streamline Parts Supply Chain

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precise machined parts supply chain image - photo by Jaques Dillies https://unsplash.com/@jacques_dillies

Four Ways to Enhance the Supply Chain for Precision Machined Components   Having a machine shop supplier that consistently delivers precision machined CNC Swiss lathe turned and milled components when required at competitive prices is key to a high-functioning organization. But how does an organization best integrate systematic practices into its processes for an efficient… Read more »

Six Benefits of Using a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)

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coordinate measuring machine (cmm) for precise manufacturing

What are some benefits of using a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) ? Machining complex CNC Swiss screw machine turned parts and CNC vertical and horizontal milled parts to tighter tolerances improves as manufacturing technology advances. Computerized processing and metrology allow for more complex parts and faster manufacturing. When contract manufacturing job shops are required to… Read more »

Five Advantages of Swiss-Style Machining

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Image of Swiss-style machining focusing on the tail operation

There are no shortcuts when using CNC Swiss-screw machines for manufacturing complex parts. Planning every step is essential to ensure quality is part of the process. This extra up-front work is ultimately worth the time and effort. Below are five advantages of machining with a Swiss style machine.   Advantages of Swiss-Style Machining Speed &… Read more »

Nolte Precise Expands Capacity and Capabilities with New Okuma CNC Lathe

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Nolte Precise recently made a new investment in expanding our CNC lathe turning capacity and screw machining capability with a new gantry-loading CNC lathe from Okuma, global leader in CNC machine tool technology. A CNC Lathe Turning Powershouse The innovative design of the Okuma 2SP-150H features a front-facing spindle, which helps to create an automation-friendly… Read more »