Image of Swiss-style machining focusing on the tail operation

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There are no shortcuts when using CNC Swiss-screw machines for manufacturing complex parts. Planning every step is essential to ensure quality is part of the process. This extra up-front work is ultimately worth the time and effort. Below are five advantages of machining with a Swiss style machine.


CNC Swiss-style machining in action. Image shows parts being precisely machined in the Swiss-Screw CNC LatheAdvantages of Swiss-Style Machining

  1. Speed & Accuracy
    One benefit is the efficiency that a Swiss style machine provides. The automation of multiple processes allows for quick turnaround for complex parts. With multiple machining operations available in three, four, or five axes, the limits are the design engineers’ imaginations. The elimination of multiple setups due to the versatility of the machining heads makes short work of large-quantity projects. Additionally, CNC machines have shorter setup times.
  2. Reduced Chatter and Deflection
    There are a few culprits of chatter and deflection on a part. Some causes of chatter are dull tooling, poor lubrication, or smaller cuts on the part. Similarly, when long or narrow parts are turned without the proper support, the force applied to the part can cause movement or deflection on the part. In both cases, the aesthetic or quality are negatively impacted. CNC Swiss style machines minimize this issue with guide bushings that allow the tooling to cut closer to the part.
  3. Fewer Secondary Operations
    Historically, machining complex parts would mean multiple machines perform different operations on the part. Moving parts from one machining center to another is reduced since the different tooling is contained within the CNC machine. Milling, drilling, boring, threading, turning, and other functions can all be accomplished with a Swiss style machine. As a result, there is less labor, shorter lead times, better delivery, and lower costs per part.
  4. Automated, Lights-Out Manufacturing
    Swiss style CNC machine technology automates the machining process. These machines can run overnight with minimal supervision. Plotting the process steps required for each part allows the machining center to maintain continuous operation. Large quantities can rock ‘n roll through a third shift to more quickly fulfill the order.
  5. Reduced Waste
    Swiss-style machining is a highly efficient process that produces minimal waste. The machines are designed to maximize material utilization and minimize scrap, reducing material costs and reducing environmental impact. Additionally, the process can be automated, reducing the risk of human error and waste.

Operating a Swiss style CNC machine provides a huge advantage to providing large orders quickly at lower costs per part. Contact Nolte Precision Manufacturing to learn how we use our Swiss-style screw machines for you.

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