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Reducing costs is essential to increasing the profitability of your business. The precision machined parts you use in your manufacturing processes could offer an opportunity for significantly reducing your cost of doing business. For example, small modifications made to your part design can actually amount to tremendous savings over time.

The following are strategies you can use to decrease parts expense:

Use Different Materials

In some cases, the material you specify for your components is critical for its application success. In other cases, you may be able to substantially reduce the cost of your machined parts by using a less expensive material.

Eliminate or Reduce Small Features

If your parts have small details that are not integral to the functioning of the part, consider reducing or eliminating them altogether. Precision machining small details requires more time, and therefore costs you more money. The fewer features your component has, the less expensive it will be, and the less production time it will require.

Decrease Machining Time

Going along with the idea of decreasing unnecessary part details, decreasing machining time can also considerably reduce costs. Certain design changes can be made to reduce required machining, as long as they do not impact the functioning of the part. For example, looser tolerances may be permissible, or hole depths may not need to be as deep as they are.

Use the Right Machine for Your Part Design

The machine used for the precision machining of your parts will have an impact on part cost. Using a CNC machine that is not suited to your part design could result in significant, unnecessary costs. Today’s machining industry offers a wide range of precision machining equipment designed for specific operations.

Outsource the Job

Manufacturing your parts in house could be consuming too much of your time, energy, and resources. Machine ownership is costly, especially when you factor in maintenance and repair expenses. When you partner with the right company, outsourcing your precision machining means you will benefit from the latest technology, and knowing that your parts machining is done by dedicated specialists.

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