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Working with a precision machining vendor is an effective way for manufacturers to increase efficiency, productivity, and profitability. When establishing a relationship with a precision machining partner, it is important to follow the right steps to assure efficient work flow.

Establish Communication Flow

Clear lines of communication are essential in any vendor relationship, but especially so when an ongoing relationship is involved. Discussing projects up front assures mutually shared expectations. The discussion should include preliminary specifications, initial aspects of the part development, prototyping, production, as well as the logistics and cost of the project.

Visit the Machining Vendor

Before you put your trust and confidence in a precision machining partner, schedule a meeting at their facility. Seeing their operations first hand and meeting team members will tell you much about the operation. An on-site visit will allow you to evaluate capabilities, speak with personnel, and observe in-house processes. The experience will help to build trust and understanding between you and the vendor.

Understand Today’s Precision Machining Capabilities

The machine tool industry has undergone significant growth and enhancement in terms of technological capabilities. For example, the most recent innovations in CAD technology allow parts to be virtually machined on screen, before an actual cut in material is made, reducing the chance for error. Make sure you match your machining vendor equipment and expertise with your part requirements. The should be willing to work with you to assure the company’s ability to deliver what you need.

Choose a Machining Vendor That Certifies Their Work

Always work with vendors who have accreditation and capability to fully inspect and certify their work. Manufacturers typically do not have the facilities or staff to verify that components meet required specifications. Having a precision machining partner that is capable of inspecting and verifying product is extremely helpful in terms of lead-time and expense. Look for a machining vendor with the necessary inspection, measuring and test equipment, as well as properly trained personnel. Make sure their specific capabilities match your requirements.

Before Nolte develops parts for our customers, we develop relationships. We believe in ongoing communication and working partnerships to best meet the needs of every business we serve. Contact us today to discuss your project.