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quality precision machined componentsWhether you do your precision machining inhouse or you outsource, it is important to periodically evaluate your process efficiencies and finished products to determine if your current manufacturing system or supply chain is meeting your quality standards.

In manufacturing, as with many things, it is easy to “let it ride” if there are no obvious problems to address. While the easy route might seem like a good choice, expensive inefficiencies could be absorbing your profits. Or worse yet, an unexpected disaster could be just around the corner, such as an equipment failure or a supply chain issue that could halt your production.

Implementing a plan for optimizing efficiency and having a plan in place for dealing with production problems is imperative for businesses that want to remain competitive and profitable.

While specific requirements and challenges vary from industry to industry, there are many common criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of precision machining processes and precision machining suppliers.  The following are some key areas to consider when evaluating your precision machining.

Precision Machining Technology

Many new technological advances have been made in the  area of precision machining. The quality of your precision machined parts may be compromised if the equipment being used to produce them is dated or inferior. In addition to quality improvements, in many cases, new innovations in technology have made increased efficiency possible for many processes.

Continuous Improvement

Status quo can be a serious enemy to business growth and productivity. The quality of your machined parts processes should be regularly evaluated to identify improvement opportunities. Changing set-ups, cycle times, and volumes can often improve the quality, price, and lead time of an order.

Complacency is often a roadblock for companies that are working toward achieving performance and efficiency goals. Continuous improvement strategies such as Six Sigma, Lean, and Kaizen have been proven to produce benefits with measurable results.

Quality Assurance

For the most part, today’s precision machine shops are ISO 9001 certified.  In some cases, the evaluating process may need to be even more stringent for products used in industries involved with medical devices, semiconductor components, or defense equipment.Some industries require advanced certifications such as Aerospace AS9100 certification.

Depending upon the quality assurance your business requires, it can be a full time job to assure that your operations, and those of your suppliers are in compliance.Different types of documentation and daily discipline required for every certification.  Requirements such as first article inspection, critical features, and trace-ability paperwork are only effective if they are done correctly and on a regular basis.

One of the best ways to assure quality in your production process is to outsource precision machining to a reputable and experienced supplier that is focused on efficient total cost solutions for parts needs.

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