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Okuma CNC Lathe for precision cnc turned partsNolte Precise recently made a new investment in expanding our CNC lathe turning capacity and screw machining capability with a new gantry-loading CNC lathe from Okuma, global leader in CNC machine tool technology.

A CNC Lathe Turning Powershouse

The innovative design of the Okuma 2SP-150H features a front-facing spindle, which helps to create an automation-friendly lathe for small parts production. Moving the spindle from the side and incorporating the Okuma Gantry Loader (OGL) into the production line allows parts to be loaded and unloaded automatically. The extremely compact footprint of the system improves floor space utilization, and the dual spindle option significantly reduces cycle time.

Advantages the Okuma CNC lathe turning system offers Nolte include:

  • Significant productivity improvement
  • Runs unattended for most products; labor savings
  • Throughput improvement could be as high as 40%
  • Can machine larger bar to make larger parts
  • Improved feature size capabilities

This new CNC lathe turning system integrates well with our current stable of equipment to offer an integrated and synergized workflow. This investment is expected to greatly enhance our ability to serve the screw machining needs of customers in a variety of industries.

Contact us to learn more about our equipment, capability, and capacity! We look forward to serving your manufacturing needs.