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Industrial equipment manufacturers are experiencing a wide range of benefits by working with Nolte Precise for their precision manufacturing needs. In addition to lowering the cost of doing business, these businesses have improved operations through the advisement of an experienced and highly capable manufacturing partner.

We offer industrial equipment manufacturers the newest equipment technology, comprehensive project support, and extensive machining expertise. Components quality is always assured with our close tolerance precision machined parts. Through our proven precision machining track record, we are able to offer industrial equipment and OEM manufacturers the advantages of reduced cost, time, and labor.

Some of the many industrial equipment projects we’ve assisted clients with include leak testing instrumentation, electrical connectors, compressors, spools, actuators, gas pressure regulators, and locks. We’ve served both large and high volume needs with an approach that meets specific needs. Our solutions are developed by working closely with customers to meet unique challenges and situations.

One of Nolte’s industrial equipment manufacturer success stories involved an improved weld nut assembly for a defense manufacturer. The Nolte team discovered an opportunity for enhanced part performance with a new design approach. They created samples for the customer to test, and the result was an initial savings of 9%. Ultimately the manufacturer realized annual savings of over $1 million with this new assembly.