Reducing Parts Costs

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Smart and profitable businesses continually look for ways to: lower the cost of doing business, improve product quality and reduce defects, all while increasing efficiency and reducing waste. If 2020 has you considering ways to reduce costs and improve manufacturing profitability, it is time to consider the cost of your machined parts.

quality precision machined parts as example of reducing costs for precision machining capabilities

Process, Materials, Equipment, and Location Effects on Machined Parts Cost

What if the precision machined parts you need for your manufacturing could be modified or produced in a way that significantly reduces your production costs? In fact, small modifications to your part design, or reconsidering the processes you have relied on without question can actually amount to tremendous savings over time. In many cases, transitioning to the most advanced precision machining technologies can lower parts costs while also improving part quality.

When looking for ways to lower the cost of your machined parts, consider these four ideas:

  1. Consider using different materials
    In some cases, the material you use for your components is critical for application performance. If specific materials or material performance characteristics are not an issue, you may be able to use a less expensive or more readily available material to substantially reduce the cost of your machined parts.
  2. Consider ways to reduce machining time
    Decreasing machining time can an effective way to considerably reduce expense. Certain design changes can be made to decrease required machining, without impacting the functioning of the part. For example, looser tolerances may be permissible, or hole depths may not need to be as deep.
    In some cases, parts may have small details that are not essential to the functioning of the part, which can be reduced or eliminated altogether. The fewer unnecessary features your part has, the faster and more cost-effectively it can be produced.
  3. Consider updated equipment for the job
    New and better equipment technology can greatly improve the process of machining parts. Today’s machining technology now offers a wider range of precision machining equipment designed for specific operations. For example, advanced CNC Swiss equipment allows for the manufacture of tight tolerance components with difficult geometric designs in one operation and length to diameter ratios. The right machining equipment will efficiently produce custom precision machined parts to your specifications. Using a machine that is not suited to your part design could result in significant, unnecessary costs.
  4. Consider outsourcing for better efficiency
    If in-house parts manufacturing consumes too much of your company’s time, manpower, and resources, it might be time to consider outsourcing. The cost of owning a machine is significant, especially when you factor in maintenance and repair. Outsourcing your precision machined parts to the right partner allows you to benefit from the latest technology without the capital investment or maintenance and labor costs.
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