Supply Chain Risks

Supply change risks are a growing concern for supply chain manufacturers. Today, supply chains have evolved into more global, interconnected entities. The result is a process that is more vulnerable to disruptions, with more potential problem points and less margin for error. According to surveys of supply chain executives, the most frequent experiences of supply chain risks involve:

The serious costs of supply chain disruptions can lead to lower profit, decreased sales, delayed shipments, lost customers, as well as damaged reputations.

Nolte Precise mitigates supply chain risks through proactive strategies. We invest in reducing risks through:

  • Strong collaborative relationshipsĀ [Case Study]
  • Effective contingency plansĀ [Case Study]
  • Response to rapid and significant demand requirementsĀ [Case Study]
  • Development of a flexible and skilled workforce
  • Implementation of policies, monitoring capabilities, and controls
  • Engagement with US policy makers

Nolte Precise is invested in machine tools, processes, people, and training the next machining generation. Our unique customer relationships are committed to mitigating supply chain risks, and result in a winning strategic partnership.

skills gap demographic

As the baby boomer demographic retires, 82% of supply chain leaders believe that a skills gap will impact their companies ability to meet customer demands.